Hack the south 2020 is a great opportunity to meet a lot of smart people, build your ideas and win awesome prizes!

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£1,400 in prizes

Logitech Speakers (5)

Amazon Alexa (5)

A Fancy Drone (5)

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Viktor Barzin

Viktor Barzin

Alexandru Rosianu

Alexandru Rosianu

Yiannis Rava

Yiannis Rava

Judging Criteria

  • Technical challenge
    ● Is the project technically impressive or complex? ● Does it seem remarkable that this hack was made in just a weekend?
  • Level of innovation
    ● Is the team solving a real problem? ● Did the team come up with a good solution to the problem? ● Did they come up with a radical approach? ● Is their project innovative and original? ● How creative has the group been in solving the challenge?
  • Design
    ● Did the team think about the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX)? ● How well designed are their project and demo? ● How are the graphics and the human-computer interaction?
  • Execution
    ● Did the team show a working demo or was it mostly mocked? ● Can their project be considered a minimum viable product? ● Does the idea come to life with their demo or is it irrelevant to the problem they presented?
  • Pitch
    ● Was the pitch convincing enough? ● Was it short and to the point or boring and detailed? ● Did they have a “wow” factor? ● Did they really amaze and excite the audience?

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